Priests Graves at St Colman’s  Church

priests gravesIn the grounds of St Colman’s church are the graves of  former parish priests of Corofin dating back to over a century ago.

  • The white marble cross (nearest to the Church door) of V.Rev Mark Eagleton  P.P 1894 – 1908. In his time here the old parochial house was built.
  • By the boundary wall lies Fr Willie McHugh 1908 – 1910 which Dr Healy, Archbishop of Tuam described as the grave of a saint.
  • The large white cross of V.Rev Owen Hannon P.P from  1922 – 1934 lies nearer to the front gate, the new Church in Belclare was built in his time here.
  • The fourth high cross is the grave of V.Rev P.J Joyce P.P. from 1934 – 1962, biographer and historian.
  • More recent graves include those of V.Rev Edward O’Malley P.P 1962 – 1975 who in his time here the renovation of  Corofin Church took place and a school was built;
  • The kindly pastor V.Rev Thomas Concannon 1975 – 1987;
  • The most recent grave of V.Rev Oliver Hughes P.P 2004 – 2010 just inside the front wall who has the playground/park named after him across the road from the church.


There are three more graves of P.P’s of  Corofin, somewhat forgotten.

  • In front of the main altar in St Colman’s church lies the grave of Geoffrey J. Canon Burke 1881 – 1890;
  • In front of St Joseph’s altar is his predecessor V.Rev Thomas McDonagh, who worked tirelessly during the second famine time 1872 – 1881
  • In front of Our Lady’s altar is V.Rev Michael Heaney who was P.P for only four years and died in 1894  a young man of 51 , the last to be buried in the Church. Their gravestones hang on wall outside the Church (to the left of the front door)


Also  in the grounds of St Colmans church is the grave of Canon John Cullinane, former P.P of Williamstown and curate in Ballyglass/Milltown, born in Anbally, Corofin and was laid to rest in his native parish.